Rays TechServ

Core Competencies

We provide IT development and outsourcing solutions to a broad range of clients and industries globally. We emphasize on technical excellence, first time right (FTR), strategic innovation & on time delivery of services and solutions to our clients.

Organizing an event has myriad aspects to be looked into and can be a daunting process whether you are an Organizer of the event. Organizers vary from being an Association, Company or an Individual whose goals can vary from Revenue, Participants, "Footfall", Marketing and Advertising, Outreach, Develop contacts and much more. On the other hand, an Event firm will not only have to ensure that the Organizers goals are met and the smooth planning and execution of all aspects of the event. But also that the participants have a pleasant and satisfying experience.

What We Provide

Application Services

We have adopted the Agile Development Methodology, Specifically Scrum Development, to develop IT solutions for our client giving us the benefit of short...

Cloud Services

Cloud computing makes your most important software accessible from any computer or mobile device coming either from big worldwide companies such as...

Mobile Solutions

Mobile apps are the latest buzz in the field of technology and we are well equipped to help you reach new heights by taking the next step towards mobile apps.

Consulting Services

We provide help to CTIS (health domain company). Today business is evolving faster, and tomorrow there are going to be challenges which we can't...

Re-engineering & Migration

Application re-engineering and migration is a necessity for any organization to keep up with changing strategies and newer, supported technologies.

Product Data Management

Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor of products, the product data content information that is shared has to be of high accuracy and quality.

Social Media Marketing

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Hosting Solutions

We also provide cost-effective and quality web hosting services with support to business and individual.

What We Have


  • MS Platform Development
  • Open Source Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Oracle
  • SharePoint


  • Health
  • HealthCare
  • Health Research
  • Health Education
  • Mobile Health


  • ios Development
  • Android Development
  • Windows Development


Rajiv Shahi, Vice President-R&D

"CTIS We would like to appreciate the effort made your team on the National Cancer Institute (NCI) DCEG project. Your teams effort was crucial in developing the application to collect survey data related to diet and lifestyle information in India."

Rakesh Ganatra, Management Supervisor

"Rays TechServ Pvt Ltd has worked with Ogilvyone Worldwide across a cross section of projects for last three years. Some of the key accounts their team has successfully implemented for us are ITC Bingo."

Dr. Tejas Shah, (COS- 69th AIOC)

"We've been getting an exceptional level of service from Rays TechServ Pvt Ltd. It's been a pleasure working with Rays Team during our AIOC 2011 Event. Rays Team had been excellence in providing support for Event Registration and technical requirements."