Event Management

Organizing an event has myriad aspects to be looked into and can be a daunting process whether you are an Organizer of the event, or an Event Management firm that has outsourced the planning and execution of the event. Organizers vary from being an Association, Company or an Individual whose goals can vary from Revenue, Participants, "Footfall", Marketing and Advertising, Outreach, Develop contacts and much more. On the other hand, an Event firm will not only have to ensure that the Organizers goals are met and the smooth planning and execution of all aspects of the event, but also that the participants have a pleasant and satisfying experience.

High profile events like Pharmaceutical and medical conferences require a lot more attention to the finer details to make the event a grand success. The success of an event requires a systematic set of well-planned and coordinated processes that provide better services resulting in complete satisfaction of the organizers, clients and participants.

Rays has years of experience in managing the Registration process for events using our trademark rEvent product that enables an organization in configuring the registration process specific to an event, register participants either online or onsite, and then track the usage of services at an event.