Business Process Development

Your organization's most important resources are its people, its processes, and its stores of information. The business process development solution, helps to ensure that your organization get the most possible value from these key resources. Rays makes business process development fast, easy, and flexible, enabling you to build and continuously optimize workflows that orchestrate people, applications, and data. Software development processes may be grouped into two process areas – lifecycle processes (analogous to core business processes) and cross-lifecycle processes (analogous to supporting business processes).

Primary lifecycle processes in software organizations might be described as follows:

  • Discovering requirements
  • Designing solutions
  • Constructing solutions
  • Validating solutions
  • Implementing (or deploying) solutions
  • Supporting deployed solutions (including defect repairs, minor enhancements, changes dictated by evolution of underlying technologies)

Primary cross-lifecycle processes typically include:

  • Planning projects
  • Estimating (or forecasting) effort, duration, delivered quality
  • Tracking and reporting status
  • Defining processes and standards
  • Measuring and monitoring process performance
  • Training
  • Controlling versions and releases of software work products (configuration management)