Staffing Solutions

Looking for the perfect employee to suit your company's needs can be a hectic, and time-consuming process. As a hiring manager, you may be interested in using a staffing agency to find the talent you need. At Rays we are committed to attracting and retaining best candidates, and providing you instant access to a network of experienced professionals. Our team of recruiters will properly screen each individual on specific skills and experiences, as well as identify what environment best suits both the client and candidate.

While screening candidates and exploring the right match for your company is a main part of our task. We also have the ability to provide you with candidates that fit three distinct models depending on your needs. Rays’s business model offers a flexible, cost effective and less risky model of fulfilling your employment requirements, by providing consultants on a temporary basis. We conduct both national and international recruiting, understanding that our growth is directly linked to our customers' satisfaction.

Our Team

Our technical recruiters specializes in an individual discipline and averages tenure of over 7 years in the staffing industry. They possess excellent technical understanding and expertise with a consultative approach.

Our Clients

  • CTIS Inc.
  • firstAI Inc.
  • Zig Infotech
  • Accudata Science

Industry Experience

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Technology & Small Business Solutions